This is a walked enrichment event with learning outcomes centred around science - specifically nature conservation, evolution, geology, biodiversity and the use of IT (a phone App). It is designed to tell life's story in reverse - based on a popular science book that traces our human ancestry all the way back to the origins of life ~ 4 Billion Years ago.

Its aims are:

* to celebrate our species' survival to this point,

* to develop an appreciation of our belonging in nature

* educate about our relatedness and origins.

* raise awareness of the current biodiversity crisis,

* create a little 'collective joy' through a biological 'pilgrimage' to our origins. To this end we encourage the adoption of the arts (especially music) to help us explore the temporal landscape revealed by our journey.

It is intended that this event represents a potential pre runner (or is complementary to) Duke of Edinburgh and accordingly our charitable aspirations include donations to the Durrell Wildlife Trust (of Gerald Durrell fame) who protect species close to extinction.We took advice from parents about the kind of enrichment events they'd like for their child.This included challenge - both physical and educational - encountered as a team. The 4 Billion Year Walk includes problem solving culminating in an online team-based quiz completed after the event - to find out what you've learnt. All participating teams will subsequently figure in our post trail leader board here on this site.

The 4 Billion Year Walk is a small Social Enterprise run and conceived by a team of 4 people including a Somerset based school teacher.

Scientific background